Saturday, November 20, 2010

"south loop" at the Portage Theater

Thursday, December 2nd at 8pm south loop will make it's Chicago premier at the Portage Theater. Admission is free. That night will also mark the launch of the sale of south loop on DVD. Independent Filmmaker Josef Steiff will moderate a Q&A with the producers after the screening. DVDs will be on sale in the lobby.

Admission is free. That means you don't have to pay to see the movie. No money.

Please come see our movie.

Reciprocation as DIY Principle

After raising $5K on Kickstarter, I have received a number of congratulations from fellow filmmakers. More importantly, those colleagues have offered to help with south loop in various ways. They understand how "small" movies have many needs and few dollars to throw at them. I appreciate their generosity and will take up some of them on their offers.

And whenever a fellow filmmaker does favors for my movie, perhaps the best thing I could do in return is reciprocate. Paying those favors back, or paying some forward, is what gets our movies made.