Friday, July 30, 2010

Film Festivals Today

We recently applied to the Chicago International and the DIY film festivals and that process brought me to this post.

south loop is a DIY film and we're looking to start selling the film as soon as we can. We're not averse to being acquired but only with the right deal (ie no "all rights" deals). Still, we're essentially distributing this film ourselves and looking to use the festival circuit as a means of creating audience for sales of the film.

That said, in beginning the application process for film festivals, I have to read the guidelines a little differently. Some festivals have already been scratched from my list because they do not accept films that are "widely available on DVD or VOD". This isn't all that bad because I'm not needing the film to be acquired. And it doesn't really shorten the list by that much.

Again, if you're looking to use the festival circuit to create audience for your DIY film, keep a close on eye on those rules and regulations. Don't waste your $40 if you don't have to.

Sound is Done!

Yesterday we finished the mix on south loop. On to creating the master files.

So close, I can smell it!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Little Luck Never Hurt

Having talent helps. Access to shitloads of money is great. Dedicated collaborators are a blessing. But, for filmmakers, nothing may be more important than the support of family and friends.

And nobody has been more supportive than my wife Lynn. She encouraged me to take a screenwriting class while I was working in the corporate world. She encouraged me to go to film school. She did craft services on a number of my projects. She is always willing to honestly critique my work. She always listens when I need to vent.

As of today we have been married for ten years and I owe all of my filmmaking efforts to her. If only every filmmaker could be so lucky.

Thank you, Lynn.