Monday, April 26, 2010

On Hold

My latest project, "You've Been Great", has been postponed indefinitely, for many reasons, all of them valid.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fundraiser for You've Been Great

You've Been Great Comedy Bash

We have lined up five of Chicago's funniest just to make you laugh your ass off!
Well, we want you to laugh your ass off while you contribute to a worthy (movie) cause and the lineup includes Ken Barnard (Chicago Comedy Award Winner for Most Innovative Talent), Joe McAdam, Joe Kilgallon, Martin DeRosa, and Mike Lebovitz.

When: Saturday, April 17th, 8p-12a
Where: Heart of Gold - 3036 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL
Admission: $14

You can purchase tickets via TicketLeap. And if you have absolutely no interest in helping our movie please come just to support some of Chicago's best comedians.

You've Been Great

My next project is another low budget affair though not self-financed (I have no regrets about doing that for south loop, but I'll never do it for another project). Also unlike south loop, from its inception You've Been Great has been designed for self/hybrid distribution so we're trying to budget to that end.

However, budgeting for that has proven tricky. Finding the appropriate numbers is not easy but we're doing our best. And when I say "we" I'm including my producing partner, NJ Naseer, and our co-producers Felix Pineiro and Alex Bonner from Bailout Pictures.

This project is being "crowd-funded" and to the uninitiated that means we are soliciting contributions from the (potential) audience. And our particular vehicle for that is our Chipin page. By all means, check it out and contribute.

You've Been Great tells the story of a road comedian, WILLIE, as he arrives in Chicago for his annual four-day stint. He quickly learns that his usual host recently passed away and the course of those four days will bring Willie to question his future as a comedian (a better, more detailed synopsis is on the Chipin page).

The plan is to shoot over 20 days beginning late this July. With a very small crew we will shoot on DSLR's. We have already been warmly received by those in the Chicago comedy community we have met as we acquaint ourselves on the way to production. A website will be up soon.

In a terrible rush that's the background on You've Been Great. Updates will come often (hopefully).

And did I mention we're looking for contributions?